Addressing the Annoying Reactions to Amy Winehouse’s Death

As an addendum to my last post about Amy Winehouse, I wanted to address the more annoying reactions I’ve seen to her death on Facebook and the like.  There are people like my brother and me, who as fans were genuinely saddened by the news.  Then there are the people who use the internet as their medium of being total assholes without any empathy.

1.  She’s just a junkie (insert rude and inappropriate pejorative here)…why are people saddened by this?  I didn’t realize that being an addict made a person a sub-human.  Have any of you making these disparaging comments ever been afflicted with an addiction problem?  I haven’t, which is why I’m not being a judgmental asshole about it.

2.  She should have said yes, yes, yes to rehab/She should have gone to rehab after all/any other play on lyrics to her hit “Rehab” here.  You apparently have all the originality and emotional depth of a fifth grader. PAT ON THE BACK.

3.  BUT WHO CARES IF SHE DIED, THERE’S SO MUCH GOING ON AROUND THE WORLD (::insert various world issues here to prove how well-informed you are::)  I didn’t realize that mourning a talented musician and being aware of world events is mutually exclusive, but according to certain comments I’ve read, apparently it is.  Making these comments just makes you look like a pretentious asshole.  Do you want to talk about the economic crisis in Greece then? Will that make you feel better?  What’s funny is the same people making these comments have no trouble posting other nonsensical items on their Facebook wall any other day.  I should probably reply to all future posts with comments along the lines of, “BUT WHO CARES ABOUT YOUR YOUTUBE VIDEO YOU  JUST POSTED, THE UNITED STATES IS INVOLVED IN THREE CONFLICTS RIGHT NOW.”

6 thoughts on “Addressing the Annoying Reactions to Amy Winehouse’s Death

  1. It’s totally sad.

    But I really couldn’t stand the tweets/posts that lumped Norway and Winehouse into one thought. (One being innocents slaughtered by some asshat and another being a death (possibly) brought on by really bad personal decisions.)

    But addiction is a really sad thing. And it’s extra tragic because there’s no way for anyone, except the person suffering, to stop it.

    • Oh yeah, I definitely see where you are coming from there. The tragedies in Norway are not comparable. I guess people were trying to lump their sympathies into one tweet to make it seem like they were still somewhat aware of what was going on. I was sad about what happened in Norway, but didn’t feel like it was something I had to address in a tweet or status update.

      I don’t know how I feel exactly about recognizing death through a tweet or status update. I’ve done it, for sure, even with Amy Winehouse, but it just makes me wonder…it’s almost cheapening it somehow, you know? “I’m limited by 140 characters to say what I really feel, so I’ll express my sadness via numerals to shorten my sympathy messages…RIP.” I don’t know. Just seems like a throwaway thing to do.

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