Glimpses of an Immortal Guitarist

This evening, my brother and I went to go watch my drum teacher Michael’s new band at a coffee shop by the lake.  Though it was already 7:30, it was still ridiculously humid outside.  The band was really good – they played improv jazz.  The guitarist is actually in my running group (small world, right?)  During the break, Michael came up to our table to talk with us.

“You know who I realized was watching us?  Eric Johnson,” Michael said.  My brother’s face shifted to an expression of awed recognition.  “Wow,” Pat said.  “Really? Where is he?”  “He was at that table right over there,” Michael said.  “Oh yeah, he cut his hair,” Pat replied.

I sat there for a moment, and, feeling like a total idiot, I asked, “Um…who’s Eric Johnson?”  Michael said, “He’s one of the best guitarists to come out of this city.”   I still did not recognize who Michael was talking about.  “Was he in a band?” I asked.  My brother, a guitarist himself, said, “Jen, he did that ‘White Cliffs of Dover’ song on Guitar Hero III.”  “OHHHHHHHH I know who he is,” I exclaimed.  And I knew what that song was before Guitar Hero, THANK YOU VERY MUCH).

As Michael left, he muttered, “There he is,” and both Patrick and I whipped our necks over.  I would never have known that a world-famous musician was sitting just a table over from us.  Pat and I didn’t want to be the creepy people staring for no reason, so we took a quick glance and then didn’t look again.

That’s one of the things I love about this city – it’s a place that attracts legit musicians, actors, and artists.  If you keep your eyes open, you never know who you’re going to run into.

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