My Brother Patrick – “Sincerity”

My brother Patrick recently performed at his first open mic last Saturday.  He put on an awesome show, performing songs from John Frusciante, Foo Fighters, REM, Nirvana, Feist, and Offspring (and in true Patrick fashion, he picked songs that were not singles).  He was so brave to be up there all by himself, with just his guitar, but he pulled it off with a crowd rapport that belied his inexperience at performing. You can bet that I was the proud, dorky sister up in front taping the entire show.

Pat wrote a song that I think is ridiculously beautiful.  I’m not biased. Ok, maybe a little, but I promise that I would think it’s a great song even if he weren’t my brother.



6 thoughts on “My Brother Patrick – “Sincerity”

    • Thank you so much! Yeah, he recorded it on my laptop and it doesn’t have the greatest recording technology, haha. He was very happy to hear your compliment when I passed it on to him.

  1. That was awesome! I’m SO jealous of your brother’s guitar-playing skills. Like, it’s wicked. I’m still trying to master bar chords so when I play them it sounds like a cat is hissing. Also his finger-picking–soooooooo good. It seemed super effortless, and it sounded very pretty 🙂


    • Hey, what’s up? I’m Jenny’s brother. Hey, I realllllllllllllly appreciate the fact you enjoyed my music. I am very glad there are confidence builders in the world like you! I seriously, seriously only barely mastered/attempted bar chords within the past month, so do NOT give up. Thanks again!

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