Maybe I Should Pay More Attention to the Weather

I feel like I’ve hit a rut with my running lately.  I have missed two of my Saturday long runs due to circumstances beyond my control, so that makes me cranky.  I think I pulled my calves two weeks ago sprinting, so it’s been a little painful running.  I’ve been running in the same pair of shoes since May 2009 (which I do not recommend), so my feet are getting to the point where they’re like, “JENNY. SERIOUSLY. STOP BEING CHEAP. GET NEW SHOES, BITCH.”

Oh, and I keep choosing to run when it’s like a million degrees outside.  Usually I love the heat, but even I’m getting sick of it.  That should be an indication of how hot it has been here. I swear that every day, the news is all, “OH COOL, IT WAS 107 DEGREES TODAY. WE BROKE ANOTHER RECORD AGAIN.  TOMORROW’S FORECAST: 106 DEGREES.”

Today I had a very slow and plodding 40-minute run.  I stopped to walk twice because I just wasn’t feeling great.  I felt like I’d lost my spark running.  It was tough to finish.

When I got back, I was so soaked that I felt like I’d taken a jump in a pool.  Curious, I went on  Here’s what the weather was like at 7:30 in the evening.










Oh, so this is why I felt like death during my run. I guess I should check the heat index before going outside.


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