Movies That Make Me Cry

Entertainment Weekly had an online feature that listed 25 Tearjerker Scenes from films. After reading the list, I was inspired to do my own list.  Here are five scenes that have made me cry, in no particular order.

WARNING – Spoilers and all that jazz.

1.  Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

At the end of Homeward Bound, Chance, Shadow, and Sassy are just about home when Shadow falls into a pit.  Since he is old, he orders the others to go home to their humans and leave him there.  Chance and Sassy have a happy reunion with their respective humans, but Shadow’s human, Peter, is left looking over the hills, waiting for Shadow.  “He was just too old,” he says sorrowfully.

And just when Peter dejectedly starts walking away from his family, Shadow starts limping over the hill.  As the music swells, Peter shouts, “SHADOW!” and they run to each other joyfully.

Basically, if you don’t cry at this scene, then you have no soul.

Damn it, I still can’t watch this scene without tearing up.

2.  Million Dollar Baby

I don’t want to give away the ending to this movie, because it’s a emotional punch to the gut if you haven’t seen it (boxing pun completely unintentional).

I went into this movie completely unsuspecting, thinking that it was simply a boxing movie.  WRONG. I don’t think I’ve ever cried so hard during a movie as I did with this one.

3.  Up!

Pixar makes some beautiful films that can make the viewer quite emotional – I’m not going to lie, tears were shed when I saw Toy Story 3 in the theaters last year.  But that ending was nowhere near as depressing as the beginning of Up! was.

If you haven’t seen it, the scene depicts Carl and his wife, Ellie, throughout their marriage – from the wedding to the end of Ellie’s life.  Ellie’s death is depressing enough, but I think what really got me is she had all these dreams when she was young and was never able to live them. I watched this movie with my family, so I was trying really hard not to cry.  But then I gave up.

4.  The Sixth Sense

The part that always gets me emotional is not the famous ending, but rather the scene where Cole finally reveals to his mother that he can communicate with the dead.  His mother, skeptical at first, finally believes him when he talks about his encounter with her mother’s ghost.  It’s a powerfully acted scene.  Toni Collette is so devastating in this scene, especially when she says, “Do I make her proud?” Gah, gets me every time.

5.  Love, Actually

I was fully expecting to hate this movie the first time I saw it back in 2008, but it’s one of my favorite movies now.  There are so many good stories in it that entire film can move me to tears of sadness and joy alternatively.


What movies have made you cry?



6 thoughts on “Movies That Make Me Cry

  1. Oh my gosh, I cry at almost everything.

    The beginning of Star Trek makes me cry. Up! makes me cry off and on through out the whole thing (and the end, where he realizes all her dreams were really just… being with him, gosh). Monster’s Inc! The ending makes me cry happy tears.

    I cry uncontrollably at Love Actually. Best. Movie. Ever. Easily my favorite movie of all time. (Jamie/Colin Firth learning Portuguese to clumsily declare his love! That Mark character making those flash cards to share his undying and unconditional love for his best friend’s wife. Oh god, there’s so many opportunities for so many different tears.)

    I will never, EVER watch The Notebook again. I sobbed… like, gasp-sob-gasp style. I was depressed for a week! Ugh.

    Oh and My Sister’s Keeper. I watched that one with Allison and, lord, we both cried like crazy people.

    • Love Actually is such a friggin’ awesome movie. It makes me feel hopeful that love is real! (As corny as that sounds)

      My Sister’s Keeper was sad enough to read…can’t imagine watching it on screen.

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