Why Season 4 of True Blood is Better Than Season 3

I’ve been streaming episodes off the internet watching Season 4 of True Blood pretty consistently, and I have to say, I’m really enjoying this season.  I think it’s a lot better than Season 3, for several reasons.  The pacing of the storyline is a lot slower and less frenetic, the stories are more engaging, and the cinematography has been really beautiful, particularly in scenes where…

I’m just kidding, this is why I love Season 4:

I mean, I meant what I said before – I do think the storylines are much more compelling this season, but let’s be honest.  If Alexander Skarsgard didn’t have the spotlight this season , there would be a 83% chance that I would not be as interested.  And thanks to his amnesia, Eric is all sensitive this season and thus EVEN HOTTER.  (Usually I hate amnesia storylines, but I’m giving this one a pass).


12 thoughts on “Why Season 4 of True Blood is Better Than Season 3

    • Season 4 still has its storylines that get me kinda bored (I so wish Tommy would just go away forever, and Lafayette’s and Arlene’s storylines are ok), but yeah. Alexander Skarsgard is amazing this season. You’re welcome :p

      • Wait, except I just read that he’s sensitive? I kind of liked him as a bad boy… By “kind of” I mean really, and I’m still sad about the haircut.

  1. I stream episodes off the Internet too, but at least I have a good excuse – True Blood does not come on local tv! 😛

    I’m not really liking mellow Eric. I like him bad. Oh well, I’m sure bad Eric will return eventually.

    I despise the witch storyline. Honestly it’s sooo boring. And how about Tara? God, she’s annoying!

    • Awww mellow Eric is so HOT. And you know the bad boy is underneath just rarin’ to get out.

      Tara is perpetually annoying. She was better up until the last ep. Now I dislike her again. I like the witch storyline! I think it is going good places. I don’t think any storyline can top Rene or Mary Ann, but this one sure beats Franklin and Russell from last season :\


    I’ve been a terrible streamer. I must watch at least one episode this weekend.

      • It’s ok. I suck at keeping up… mostly because my momma likes to watch with me aaaaaand she’s always busy being with my Meemaw (who I’m sure would not appreciate vampires and blood and sex).

        It’ll still be awesome because it’s still Alexander Skarsgard.

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