The Hazards of Overtraining

Overtraining sneaks up on you.  It’s insidious.  One day, you’re like, “Yayyyy, I love running! I can do this forever!” and then the next day, you’re all, “MY GOD, IF I HAVE TO RUN ONE MORE MINUTE, I’M GOING TO THROW MYSELF IN FRONT OF TRAFFIC.”

I tossed and turned all last night, feeling my heart quicken.  My mind could not slow down.  I felt tired and drained all day. Recognizing the symptoms, I used trusty Google to confirm my suspicions that I am overtraining.

Compulsive need to exercise? Check!
Can’t sleep at night? Check!
Decreased performance with your running? Check! (I could barely get through a slow, easy 20-minute run yesterday.)
Anxiety? Check!
Craving carbs like whoa? Check and check! (Tonight for dinner, I had a large frittata and then two bowls of cereal. I KNOW.)
Tiredness and fatigue? CHECK!

I skipped my run tonight. I realized that in the past five days, I’ve only had one day of rest, which is not good.

I hate skipping a workout, but looks like my body needs it.  I’ll try to avoid the cereal for tonight, if possible.


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