Cracker, “Low”

I’m sure you’ve all had those days when, at the end of it, you sit down on your chair, exhausted, and think, “What the hell was that all about?”

I had one of those days.  I got into an argument with someone today.

You know those chicks who are really open about their love of fighting on their Facebook or Myspace profiles?  Usually they announce said love of fighting in a horribly misspelled and grammatically sad sentence, like, “I LUV MY FAMLY N FREINDS BUT CAN B A REAL BITCH WHEN I WANNA B N DONT MESS WIT ME CUZ I WILL CUT U.”  I’ve never been one of those chicks and I always roll my eyes when I see people going out of the way to type that.  I mean, EVERYONE is nice to a point, right?

But in case you’re wondering, I’m more passive-aggressive than aggressive.  I don’t like confrontations or fights and avoid them if I can.  However, like every other human, I have my limits, and sometimes an argument cannot be helped.  The person I got into an argument today with was being a ridiculous control freak, and when he mouthed off to me, I mouthed off right back instead of shutting up like he wanted me to.   Perhaps he would like me better if I just went along with everything he said and made him a sandwich.

ANYWAY, when you have those days, music helps tremendously.  Like this song:

I feel like this song cannot be enjoyed to full capacity unless you’re singing along to it at the top of your lungs, driving somewhere aimlessly.

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