Songs That Are Dead to Me – “You’re Beautiful”

You may be thinking, “Wow, Jenny, you’re so original.  80% of the country hates this song too.”

I know, guys.  But I have a special reason to hate this song.

I went shopping today and was in the dressing room.  I didn’t recognize this song until I heard the dreaded chorus.  I actually said, “Oh dear God, NO!” out loud.

And it brought everything back.

It was June 2006, and I was finishing my last semester of my undergraduate degree.  My then-boyfriend and I had spent a couple weeks together in my hometown during my break in between classes.  He and his family were going to take a road trip up to my college town to drop me off so I could start my summer semester.

My boyfriend and I settled together in the backseat, looking forward to the trip.  His mother plopped in the front seat and dug out her James Blunt CD.  “I just bought this the other day,” she said as she stuck the CD into the player.  “I just love that song. ‘You’re Beautiful.'”

This should have a huge warning sign, but I was blithely unaware of what horrors lie ahead.  I think even by this time, it was already uncool to like this ubiquitous song.  But at the start of the trip, I didn’t hate the song.  At the time, I actually thought it was decent.

But I had no idea that my boyfriend’s mother would loop the whole CD for the entire five hours we were in the car.  At times, she would replay the song so that just when it finished, temporarily restoring me to sanity, it would start again.

So you guys may hate this song because you’ve heard it too many times in the course of, say, several months.  But if you’ve taken all the times you’ve heard that song, and condensed it to a five hour period, then you would understand why this song is dead to me.


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