I Guess It’s Just Me Then

Me:  I like to fly Southwest.
Tap: Yeah, they’re pretty good.
Me:  They have a low fatality rate.
Tap:  WHAT?!
Me:  Yeah, they haven’t had any fatalities.
Tap:  That is definitely not the criteria I use when searching for an airline.  Wow.


6 thoughts on “I Guess It’s Just Me Then

    • 😀 I have googled/researched soooo much stupid plane statistics. I can’t remember where I found this particular statistic…probably about.com or something.

      Oh I ended up deleting my other post because the person in question and I are no longer fighting 🙂 But to answer your question, I haven’t actually watched the video LOL

  1. I fly based on the cheapest flights. Which is usually Delta or Airtran. So now I have frequent flier miles with those airlines, so I’ll pay a tiny bit extra to use them instead of others. Particularly Delta, where I might have enough miles to actually use them soon!

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