Roger Waters and the Foos Perform Together – Be Still, My Heart

Last night, Roger Waters and the Foo Fighters performed “In the Flesh?” on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  I just want to preface this post by saying how my seventeen-year-old self would have geeked the fuck out at this picture:

Sadly, at seventeen, I barely knew of or cared about Dave Grohl (I KNOW).  But I was obsessed with both Pink Floyd and Jimmy Fallon. Pink Floyd was the first band that I became a hardcore fan of.  And my younger self loved Jimmy Fallon (it was all about the hair) and may or may not have had a picture of him tucked away in her diary.  Allegedly.  At seventeen, seeing Roger Waters and Jimmy Fallon together in the same room would have sent me running to my journal in rapture.

But what am I saying? My adult self still is geeking out at seeing the frontmen of two of my favorite bands collaborating together on stage.  Seeing Jimmy’s pretty hair is a nice touch, too.


2 thoughts on “Roger Waters and the Foos Perform Together – Be Still, My Heart

  1. Jimmy Fallon has really cemented his place in talk show history by having some of the best musical performances on TV. Whether it’s joke performances like his duet with Paul McCarthy or a straight up mind blower like this one. He’s made a fan out of me….

    • This platform suits him really well, I think. He’s so talented but he always screwed up the sketches on SNL with all his giggling – it’s nice to see him hit his stride. And yes, I really love the performances.

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