5 Songs I’m Currently Digging: The (Slightly) Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween y’all! I hope you have a great (and safe) time tonight.  Since I did all my partying this weekend (which was a lot of fun, even though everyone thought I was Marilyn Monroe), my Halloween plans currently consist of cozying up on my couch and watching scary shows.  It’s a much more low-key Halloween than last year, when I was traipsing around Times Square with my cousins, taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of Manhattan for the first time in my life (sigh…)

Anyway, here are five songs that I am currently digging at the moment.

1.  “I Put a Spell On You,” Creedence Clearwater Revival

This weekend, I was listening to Alice Cooper’s Top 10 Spookiest Songs on Sirius XM.  It was pretty entertaining, except that he placed his own song “Halloween” at number 2 (ahead of “Voodoo Child” – huh?!)  Anyway, this song was on his countdown.  It’s one of those songs that I’ve always liked but forgot about.  I love it.  The combination of the rhythmic blues and John Fogerty’s vocals is intoxicating.  Plus, I really love the drumming in this song.

2.   “Lotus Flower,” Radiohead

My brother said recently that Radiohead is an acquired taste, and I completely agree. Even a couple of years ago, I probably would have written this song off.  But I’ve gotten into them more this year and have really enjoyed their catalog.  I heard this song while driving and was immediately entranced by it.  It has a such a lulling, hypnotizing effect.  Then immediately after this song ended, the DJ for Alt Nation, Madison, came on air and screetched something, making me jump – if you all listen to that station, you will know how jarring this was (basically because she’s annoying as shit).

3.  “Jennifer’s Body,” Hole

Tap somehow ceded control over the music for the party (very surprising) and let me be responsible for roughly 90% of the party playlist. I definitely had some fun with it. I thought this song was perfect for my playlist- up-tempo and reminiscent of Halloween (or the Diablo Cody penned film of the same name).  It took me years to see past what a crazy bitch Courtney Love is and appreciate her music for what it is – freaking awesome.  Plus, the drummer on this album is a chick – how badass is she?  I love her drumming style, especially on this song.

4.  “Stone Cold Crazy,” Queen

So yeah, Sheer Heart Attack has pretty much been on repeat these past couple of weeks. Every single song on there is amazing and even though A Night at the Opera seems to be a popular choice as their best album, I think I prefer Sheer Heart Attack.  This song combines everything I love about Queen – theatrics mixed with hard rock.  I may/may not have slipped this song on the party playlist.

5.   “Faster Kill Pussycat,” Oakenfold featuring Brittany Murphy

Later in the party, I found Tap and Shark huddled around the computer, fiddling with the playlist.  I had just heard “What is Love?” on the playlist, which I had not added; I figured that an intervention was necessary.

Tap explained he was looking for more dance music.  “Oooo, I know a good song,” I said.  “NO, don’t let Jennah add anything to the playlist,” he instructed Shark as he got up.  “This girl only likes old stuff.”  “Not true!” I countered, pulling up this song. Shark was a little skeptical when I said it was a Brittany Murphy tune, but approved its inclusion to the playlist once he realized it is actually an Oakenfold song.

I dare you guys to listening to this song without wanting to dance.  The video is kind of lame, but the song is really great.

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