Epic East Coast Trip Part 2: Amish Country and Philly

So I realized recently that maybe I should blog about the rest of my East Coast trip.

“Woman,” you may say, “that trip was a year ago.  Why even bother blogging about it?”  But it was such an amazing trip, and I have pictures and stories from it that I would love to share.  It was a year ago, and it was such an adventure for me.  I only blogged about one part, which was the flight to Philly. You can read it here, but I can sum it up for you in a couple of sentences – I went on a flight for the first time in 17 years.  Did I mention that I have a huge fear of flying?  Ensue accidentally annoying my fellow passengers, attempting not to go into the fetal position when landing, and lots of worried glances at flight attendants every time the plane did something I found suspicious, i.e. every thirty seconds.

As to why I never finished blogging the rest of my trip – I may or may not have been distracted after my return by trying to get with someone who was just leading me on, which led to my being more interested in blogging Jeff Buckley/Nick Drake/Ryan Adams songs and thinly veiled entries about sadness and frustration rather than pictures of my trip.

I will split the rest of my trip into three parts – Philly, Washington D.C., and New York City.

I spent Friday in Pennsylvania with my family.  My uncle, aunt, cousin Amanda, and I all bundled into my uncle’s car, and he took us on a tour of the countryside.

I’ve lived in Texas for sixteen years at this point, so I had completely forgotten what it looks like to see color changes in the leaves.  In Texas, leaves go from green to dead.  I was amazed at the beautiful colors on the leaves, and took about fifty pictures of tree landscapes.

My uncle took us to see the Amish/Mennonite country.  I was fascinated that the horse/buggies would be sharing the road with cars.  We stopped at a Mennonite-owned eatery called the Village Farm Market in Blue Ball.  I ordered a chicken sandwich and some snickerdoodle cookies.  I cannot fully stress how amazing these items tasted. I just cannot.  My cousin and I were amazed.  I think that was seriously the best food I had on my trip.  Everything was fresh and homemade, and the taste was just phenomenal.  If you are ever in Amish Country, you must stop here. You will not be disappointed.

Later that afternoon, my family took me into downtown Philly.  My cousin had a loft downtown, so it was a perfect time to explore the City.  We covered a surprising amount of landmarks in a short time.  The line for the Freedom Bell was too long for me to consider standing in it, so I walked by a window, saw it, and was content. I  saw Betsey Ross’ house and walked in the oldest neighborhood in America.  My family and I took pictures by the Love Park Fountain.  Amanda and I went into a Masonic Temple, intrigued by its inherent secrecy, but the rest of the building had closed to visitors.  I surreptitiously tried to snap a picture, but it came out blurry.

We also stopped by Reading Terminal Market.  I walked inside of it, amazed at all the little shops and markets.  This is when I was first reminded that East Coasters do not have the patience of Texans.  My aunt and I were discussing what we wanted to eat.  The cashier finally snapped, “You guys going to decide what you want or just stand there?”

And of course – I ran up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art just like Rocky.  What do you expect?  I was actually a little disappointed because it seemed a lot more difficult to climb in the movies.  I didn’t find it all that difficult.  We still threw our hands in the air at the end in victory, and took pictures next to the Rocky Statue.  My cousin Kenny humped the statue’s leg, which was pretty entertaining.

What was also really entertaining about this trip is this was two days before Halloween, so we were able to see some interesting costumes.  We walked behind a couple heading to a party.  The man was dressed like Jack Nicholson from The Shining.

Later that night, we went to a nice restaurant called Marmont, where I had crab cakes and shish kebabs.  It was so tasty.

I loved Philadelphia.  I thought it was a beautiful city and really enjoyed the historical attractions.

After our long but exciting day, we sleepily headed home.  Tomorrow was going to be a long day – we were headed to Washington D.C.!

I promise I’ll try to post the rest of my trip this week, and not like, next year.

Until then, enjoy some photos.  This is me in the photos, I was still blonde back then.

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9 thoughts on “Epic East Coast Trip Part 2: Amish Country and Philly

  1. I never did get around to blogging about my US trip from last year, so I totally get where you’re coming from. Hehe.

    First time I went in 2008, I went to Amish Country too! I have been obsessed with the Amish for a long time, so I was extremely excited to see with my own eyes the horses and buggies and actual, honest to goodness Amish women with their headgear and long dresses and the men with their beards. There was even a wedding going on on the day it went. I was fascinated. I waved at some girls coming out of school but they didn’t wave back…

    Anyway. Did you visit an Amish house/village-type thing? The photo with the flag at the entrance looks verrry familiar. Might have been the one I went to, though I forget the name of that place. Did you buy an Amish souvenir? I was a typical tourist and bought about five magnets, and a quillo for my cousin. I got the Amish chick in the shop to demonstrate how to fold it and I even recorded it on video. It was terrible of me but I couldn’t help myself.

    Btw, I like you better as a brunette!

    • You should do it! It’s not too late!

      Your Amish experience sounds so cool. Actually no, it’s funny; we drove all the way out there and then my uncle was ready to leave. My aunt got on his case – “We drove out here and you don’t even want to stop?” The market stop was a compromise. The only souvenir I bought was the food but it was SO WORTH IT OMG. I kept the sticker from the food to remind myself where we ate at.

      Thank you 🙂 It’s funny, at the Halloween party, at one point I got tired of the wig and took it off…and people said the same thing.

  2. I live in northern Amish country. (It’s where all the Lancasterian Amish come to get away from tourists. Haha.) Their food tastes so good because it’s full of things like butter and lard and hardwork and love.

    • Aw yeah, I bet they understandably get sick of tourists. I found it fascinating but didn’t take any pictures of them when I went inside the market…that would have been so rude haha.

      Yes! You can taste the homemade goodness and all the hard work/love that goes into it. I would be so fat if I lived anywhere near Amish Country.

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