Have You Missed Me, Lovelies?

Hello my dears.  It has been quite a week.

On Sunday, I flew to Philly to hang out with my cousins and uncle.  My cousin Amanda took the week off to spend with me.  After our week together, she calls me her second sister. She is the sister I have never had.  I already miss her to pieces.

During our week, we visited some awesome small little towns and got some really cool gifts for the family.  I visited three states total: Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey.  For people who do not live in Texas, this may not be a big deal.  Since the closest state border to me is at least 6 hours away, I get kind of excited about being able to walk across a bridge and be in an entirely new state.

And yes, I was able to take a train to my beloved NYC and spent an entire 12 hours there.  I think we walked an equivalent of ten miles. For anyone who has a working knowledge of NYC, we walked from Penn Station to Battery Park, Battery Park to the Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn, and back over from Brooklyn to Manhattan.

We capped off our week by seeing a concert.  Maybe you have heard of them?  The Foo Fighters?  It was general admission, which means I GOT TO SEE DAVE PRETTY MUCH THE ENTIRE TIME.  HOLY SHIT.  I still haven’t quite processed that I saw him yet, even though my ears are still ringing and my voice is hoarse.

Yeah, I ordered the tickets back in July, but spared you all the “OH CRAP I’M SEEING DAVE IN X WEEKS” because I love you guys.

I still fucking hate flying.

I still want to recap my trip from last year, so I promise I will do a shorter recap of the trip I completed in 2011 sometime before I reach menopause.

I hope you all have had a great week.  I sure did.  And I still have a marathon to run Sunday, wow.


9 thoughts on “Have You Missed Me, Lovelies?

  1. I’ll admit it – I did miss seeing your blog entries and wondered where you went. Glad you had fun! You’re so lucky to have gotten to go to NYC two years in a row!!! I wish I could go every year!

    Good luck with your marathon! I was wondering when that was happening (knew it was in November). You feel ready? I have started walking/running at White Rock Lake a few times a week. I just finished a run actually. I’m still pretty pathetic, but I’m improving. I run in my vibrams which I think help make it more enjoyable for me as a big girl (forces me to be lighter on my feet).

    Longest blog comment ever.

    • Aww glad I was missed haha. Yes, I was really happy to see NYC. Though (and I’ll explain it more in my writeup), this trip made me happy I don’t live there. I mean, it’s an awesome city…but everyone is always scowling and angry and stressed looking. I think I’ll take easy Texas living over having a perma-scowl.

      Thank you! I think I’m ready. Congratulations on your run. No run is pathetic, all that matters is completing it. It’s awesome you are running in Vibrams. I heard running in those can be challenging so if you got that down, then you are way ahead of a lot of people.

      • Yeah I used to dream of living in NYC. Still do to an extent, although I really think I’m probably more of a Pacific Northwest kind of personality (and I’ve never been there so wtf do I know). I know what you mean. New Yorkers are kind of raw/blunt. I’m sure the fact they already have had a sort of intense autumn/winter doesn’t help their attitude… maybe that’s why they were scowling. That city looks exhausting to live in.

        Let us know how the marathon went! It still amazes me that marathons are physically possible!

  2. I missed you, too.

    I would have wanted the “I’m seeing Dave Grohl in X weeks posts”. But I’m crazy like that. I can’t wait to hear more about it. General Admission?

    And your trip. I don’t remember if I made it to NYC but I did see the backside of the Statue of Liberty. So I was close. I mostly in Jersey, and that was one experience I don’t need to relive soon.

    • Thank you!

      Haha, if you remember the long post I did about how Dave Grohl changed my life, that was the day I ordered the tickets. General admission was so awesome. I got so spoiled that I don’t think I can ever see them without being in the pit.

      That’s so funny, my cousins all hate Jersey. I was not too impressed with it by what I saw when we passed through Trenton, but I visited a small town there (Lambertville) that I thought was really cute and pretty.

      • WAIT, WAIT, WAIT!
        Who opened?
        Was it Cage?
        Did you get to see a full Cage the Elephant set?
        Maybe with Dave on Drums?
        ‘Cause if you did, then I’m super jealous now and sad that I didn’t think to ask about this to begin. Forgive me.

      • It was Joy Formidable (who I’m not a huge fan of) and Social Distortion. We caught half of Social Distortion’s set. They actually sounded really good live.

        I was lucky enough to see Cage the Elephant at ACL last year – they are awesome live. So much energy. Unfortunately they had stopped touring with the Foos by last week.

  3. I missed you too! I wondered for a second how come you hadn’t updated then recalled your trip. Obviously your plane didn’t crash! 😀 Bet you still loaded up on Xanax, didn’t you? 😛

    Your 12-hour NYC jaunt sounds ah-mazing. Walking everywhere is my ideal way of exploring when travelling. Did you take the subway at all? I loved my subway experience. Hehe. The subway is full of strange characters.

    Ah, you and your Foos. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed yourself. Umm, of course you did.

    P.S. Why does everyone hate on Jersey? Please enlighten this foreigner. I really don’t understand it. On my trip to NYC, I actually stayed in Hoboken, NJ. Granted I didn’t see much of it as we would leave for NYC early in the morning and come back late at night, but it seemed fine to me.

    • Thank you! Yes, so glad the plane didn’t crash. Hahah, I will have to tell you about the last trip I took….

      I didn’t take the subway. My cousin Amanda is very good at getting us around, but she wasn’t quite sure about the subway system. But that’s ok. We took a taxi and crossed the Brooklyn Bridge, so I was really happy with it.

      Goddamn I love Dave, I will have to add “flying to Philly to see him in concert” to the list of crazy things I’ve done for him.

      Jersey. I don’t hate them because I’m not an East Coaster. I think some parts are pretty ugly, and I think that’s partially the reason people hate on it. There’s some industrial areas that are just not pretty. I think there’s a stereotype about the people living there (think Jersey Shore) that gives Jersey the reputation it does. But so far, my minimal experiences there have been quite lovely, so I don’t have a reason to hate.

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