It’s That Kind of Week

Tonight I picked up my guitar and started strumming its strings absentmindedly.  I was in the mood to write a melancholy song – a winter song, if you will.

I found myself in a simple strumming pattern of C and Em, and sung some nonsense lyrics made up on a whim.  “Good job, self,” I thought as I strummed.  “This sound does sound melancholy.”  And very familiar.  I felt like I was subconsciously ripping off something, but I wasn’t entirely sure what.

It took another ten seconds for me to realize I was using the exact same chords and strumming pattern as the intro to “Space Oddity.”  So much for artistic brilliance.  Sigh.

Just for kicks, here’s the original version.  I think it has more emotional depth than the single version.


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