My Christmas Gift to You

Before I post my gift for you lovelies – understand that my love of music goes through phases of little obsessions.  I like to listen and absorb different music at all times, but concurrently, there is always an artist I am re-obsessed with (I say “re-obsessed” because these are cyclical little obsessions with a fairly consistent set of favorite artists).  For instance, this fall, the re-obsession was with Freddie Mercury.  (What am I talking about? I still have Sheer Heart Attack on constant rotation.)

I think you can guess what my latest re-obsession is.

Merry Christmas.  I hope that you will always be inspired by art, music (Jeff Buckley, I love you), culture, literature, happiness, science, family, friends, the thought of love and being in love, and the sheer thrill of waiting to see what is coming next.


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