A Mise En Scene Analysis of any Tom Cruise Action Film

I saw Mission Impossible: Resurrecting Tom Cruise’s Career last night.

Oh, is that not what it's called?

Everyone is raving about it. It’s pretty good. It’s a lot funnier than the previous installments and luckily lacked any romance scenes (as a woman, I say – screenwriters, chicks don’t want an action movie bogged down by sappy romantic scenes).

I have a hard time completely buying into Tom Cruise action movies, though. I know, most action movies are not believable. I mean, the last Fast and Furious film had the two main characters driving off a cliff, jumping out of their car mid-air, and landing in the water after a 200-foot drop unscathed. Yet I remain cynical of Tom Cruise action films because I have spotted a fairly consistent formula.  It’s hard to be impressed when each of his films are the SAME.  (Well, almost the same – I think few films can reach the level of suckitude that MI:2 did).

Any Tom Cruise action film must have the following elements:

1. Obligatory Tom Cruise Colgate smile scene
2. Obligatory Tom Cruise dramatic yell scene
3. Obligatory Tom Cruise action-sequence-that-defies-all-human-logic scene
4. Obligatory Tom Cruise shirtless scene
5. Obligatory Tom Cruise kissing scene
6. Obligatory Tom Cruise choked up in emotion from love/sadness scene
7. Obligatory Tom Cruise motorcycle scene
8. Obligatory Tom Cruise quiet whisper calming scene
9. Obligatory Tom Cruise Forrest Gump running scene
10. Obligatory Tom Cruise intense stare scene

This Mise En Scene analysis also doubles as a drinking game. You’re welcome.

4 thoughts on “A Mise En Scene Analysis of any Tom Cruise Action Film

  1. Hahaha. The “intense stare scene” made me giggle.

    I’m not a fan of Tom Cruise and, therefore, avoid watching many of his movies. In fact, I think the only movie I watched with him in it was some cheesy, magical 80s movie. I don’t know what it was.

    Buuuuut, I saw Simon Pegg in a photo related to this newest MI movie. IS SIMON PEGG IN IT? Or did he just help write the funny parts?

    • I like Tom Cruise as an actor, but it’s getting hard to separate his personal persona from his work on-screen anymore.

      Simon Pegg was in this movie, as well as the third one. I don’t know if he contributed to the script or not, but he was a definitely a welcome addition!

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