A Typical Night in South Texas

I have briefly mentioned that there is nothing to do in my hometown.  Luckily, my brother and I have a good set of friends here to hang out with.  In my hometown, you can do the following things at night:

1.  Go out and drink.  I’m all for house parties, but I’m not a big fan of going to bars or clubs for the purpose of drinking. I rarely, if ever, choose this option.

2.  Movies.  We’ve pretty much exhausted the movies this week.

3.  Drive around aimlessly and do things like go on a deserted playground at night while sipping a horrible Four Loko that your friend picked up for the group as a joke, walk in a deserted field next to a supposedly haunted building to see who wimps out first, or walk in a deserted, dimly lit, creepy park to see how much adrenaline your body can produce in one night. NOT THAT I’VE EVER DONE ANY OF THESE THINGS.

4.  Game night with friends (this happened the other night, and was very fun).

5.  Pool or some variant of the sort.

Tonight, my brother and I met up with friends at a pool hall.  I’ve only been to this pool hall maybe twice, including tonight.  It’s been here for at least 10 years.  “It’s closing tomorrow,” one of our friends said when we walked in. “Oh why?” I asked.  “But where are people going to play pool now? I thought it was getting business.”  “Dude, look around,” my friend said.  The hall was mostly empty.

Oh, so I guess that’s why it’s closing.

Tonight, the scene was typical for our hometown. It never fails to be entertaining in an ironic way.  The following things happened:

1.  The boys spotted a chick who clearly was confusing her panty hose for actual pants.

2.  The music changed from good 90’s alternative rock to rap as the normal clientele started filtering in.

3.  Speaking of which, two Lil Jon lookalikes occupied a pool table right next to us.

4.  A man was going from table to table, selling tamales from his cooler.

Ah, hometown.  Don’t ever change.


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