A Completely Vain, Meaningless Post

One of my coworkers came to my cube to discuss future field work.  She smiled at me, saying,  “I really like your hair. It looks really good like that.”

In the realm of womanhood, hearing this stamp of approval is meaningful, since this particular coworker has the prettiest hair ever.  It is black and flows all the way down her back.  When I had short, fried hair last year, I had serious hair envy whenever I worked with her.  After field work, we’d go out to eat, and her hair would be flowing prettily down her back, while mine was shoved in a short, sad ponytail.

Now that I’ve stopped changing my hair color eighty times a year and have been taking a break from coloring my hair, it’s FINALLY GETTING LONG, Y’ALL.


Yep, reading this entry is 30 seconds of your life that you can’t get back.


2 thoughts on “A Completely Vain, Meaningless Post

  1. Hahaha.

    Also, I have serious hair envy of people who can change their hair often. I am paralyzed with fear every time I think about chopping my hair to shoulder length again. SHOULDER LENGTH! That’s not even short! (And I liked my hair shoulder length too!)

    • I think it’s better that you are very careful about changing your hair…it will save you from that hair regret, hehe. The only reason why I changed my hair so often is I got bored with it really easily. I haven’t colored it in three months, and that’s the longest I’ve gone without coloring it since….college? At least.

      But if you’re worried about doing too bold of a change, going gradual is always the way to go. Adding a couple of highlights here or there to see if you like it, something that isn’t too hard to fix if you hate it.

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