Songs That Are Never Leaving My Head (Ever) – “Somebody That I Used to Know”

I bitch quite a bit about the indie genre. It’s not that I dislike all forms of indie music. It’s just hard to find something that doesn’t sound like everything else on Alt Nation – you know, the faux British accent, sweeping guitar with random electronica sounds, and an indie clap thrown here and there for good measure.

But this song is a perfect example of indie done right.

Oh God, I love everything about this song.  I love the intricate way the music is layered. I love how the doomed love affair is sung from two different perspectives.  The lyrics are so good, and so is the video – I mean, how cool is this video? It’s so creatively random and Gotye and Kimbra are SELLING IT.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to it in the past several weeks.  In case you’re wondering, the entire album is good.

And just for fun, here is a mindblowing cover:

It’s five people! All playing one guitar.  Who the hell comes up with that? But it’s amazing.



4 thoughts on “Songs That Are Never Leaving My Head (Ever) – “Somebody That I Used to Know”

  1. Hey Jenny,

    Nice to see Goyte’s audience reaching beyond Australia & NZ. He cleaned up at the 2011 ARIAS which is our equivalent of, I don’t know The Grammys I suppose.
    You nailed it with Kimbras contribution to this song, Goyte himself has said that the song would be nothing without her so full credit to both of them.
    Here is a link to Kimbra doing a standout version of an old Nina Simone song. I had to have good think about sending the link, since the last post of yours I read was “The abuse of Melisma”. I’m hoping you don’t put her in that category. I think not, Just a powerhouse set of pipes.

    ps: Love the cover, esp: the guy in the beanie on the end – that’d be me 🙂

    • Hi Brett,

      Yes, I am glad he is getting exposure over here. I listened to some of his interviews and really liked his approach to music, especially making music that isn’t for a club, since he’s not a huge clubgoer.

      Thanks for sending that song! Her voice is divine. And I can’t get over how young she is! I definitely need to check out more of her stuff, I really love her voice.

      The guy with the beanie at the end had the best role! 🙂

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