Rock and Roll

On Saturday night, my friend had an open-mic night themed party. We had been anticipating it for weeks.  Of course, the only people who really performed were the core group who always performs, including me.  We performed so many songs I love -“Rainbow in the Dark,” “Cowboys From Hell,” fucking Led Zeppelin –

I felt so alive when I started doing the drum solo at the end.  I improv’d it; it was nowhere near as impressive as Bonham’s.  There are few times when I feel like a real drummer; but after that song, as I looked to my guitarist for a cue to hit the final crash beat, I did.  Someone commented that we all had an energy that they hadn’t seen in  performances at past parties, and I believe it.  Looking at your fellow performers and realizing they comprise a set of people you love the most in this world is an incredible feeling, and to say any more than that would cheapen the experience.

I will say that seeing partygoers mosh to “Cowboys From Hell” was fucking amazing.

I also busted the same knuckle twice as I flailed around the kit, so droplets of blood spilled all over my white stockings.  It felt pretty rock and roll.

It’s amazing how such a simple night can end up being one of the best in your life.


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