Three Things: The Leap Day Edition

Happy Leap Day!  February has been quite eventful.  Let’s see what March has in store.

1.  RIP, Davy Jones.  This song will always be one of those in the category of, “OH SHIT, TURN UP THE RADIO!”

2.  Do you ever hear a song and it gives you instant nostalgia for your current existence?

Hearing this song makes me think of late last fall, maybe mid-November, when I was stuck in a construction trailer for work.  It makes me think of the New Year, of drives through quiet country roads on sunny winter days and, for some inexplicable reason, my mother.

I love this song.

3.  Yeah, this post is all about music, DEAL WITH IT.

I know this song’s lyrical content makes it technically sad (basically it’s all, “You are kind of a bitch because you just left me THANKS WHORE”), but man! It sounds so happy! Like, it’s impossible to listen to it without wanting to dance to it.


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