Vague Intentions of Improbable Fruition

I was in a certain Mood today – you know, the kind of Mood where you’re like, “I need to accomplish SO MANY THINGS WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY TIME?” This Mood makes me feel like working on crafty things, playing my guitar, violin, drums, and learning Italian, all in one day. I actually did only one of of these things (guitar), but the rest are on my perpetual to-do list.

It was a cloudy day, and I was also highly caffeinated, which accounted for the Mood.

One of my half-baked New Year’s “goals” was doing more crafty things.  I used to be a really crafty kid when I was younger.  In middle school, I used to do a lot of crotchet and needlepoint but my output has decreased significantly as I got older.  The last major project I did was back in 2005, when I made my parents a blanket for Christmas.

I was going through my craft drawer tonight when I found all these crazy crafts that I’d forgotten I’d even purchased – you know, the type you pick up at Half Price for ten bucks because it seems like a great idea, \when you really know that it’s going to sit in a drawer for the next two years.  Hence why I have a box of glass rocks to paint in my craft drawer.  Yes. That happened.

Anyway, I have vague intentions of completing more crafty things, so look out in the future for pictures of items of questionable beauty.  For instance, there is the Blanket of Many Colors that I have yet to finish.  I will work on it. TONIGHT!

So yeah.


I’m totally not caffeinated anymore but YEAH!


2 thoughts on “Vague Intentions of Improbable Fruition

    • I’ve been crocheting (sp? lol) since I was 11, and I have yet to learn more than one stitch. I wish I could crochet like you, your stuff is so purdy.

      Aww I hope you feel better soon 😦

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