You Gotta Be

March was kind of heavy.  That’s life, you know?

I know, I defied your expectations by posting something that wasn’t Foo Fighters/Beatles/Jeff Buckley.

I first heard this song when I was ten years old.  My parents were driving me to the school spelling bee – this had to be February or March 1995.  As I listened to the song and stared out the window, I had high expectations for myself. I imagined myself winning the spelling bee and then advancing to the city competitions.  I would be so smart.  Everyone would love me.

When it was time for me to spell, my word was “sentry” but I misspelled it as “centry.”  I was out in the very first round.

My dad came up to comfort me after I was dismissed from the spelling bee.  As I cried into his jacket, I thought of the song and how it perfectly represented my feelings of sadness and disappointment.  This is what it must feel like to be a woman.

Not really, ten-year-old self.

But even to this day, I still love this song because it recognizes that while life is good, there will be times when something brings you down. How you respond to these moments is entirely up to you.  You can face them with defeat or rise up to the challenge and meet them with a headstrong and optimistic attitude.

And no matter what, as long as you have the core group of people you love the most in your life, you’ll be okay.


3 thoughts on “You Gotta Be

  1. I was AWFUL when it came to spelling bees. I always had 100% on my spelling quizzes, but spelling out loud? Forget about it.

    I still have to write something down before I can say with certainty that I’ve spelled it correctly.

    In other words, I was never crushed when I spelled a word wrong. A little embarrassed, maybe.

  2. Hey Jenny,

    That’s a really nice song.
    I like the way the clip uses 4 different versions of her on screen (kind of mirrors the songs message; you got to be more than one thing/you are more then one thing),.
    I guess we all have songs that are special for different reasons whether that is because they are anchored to a memory or we use them for a specific purpose.
    This is my version what you are talking about, my “instructable” if you like.


    • Thanks for posting the song Brett, it’s pretty. I like the video too; it’s simple but drives home the message of the song. There are so many songs I love because I associate them with my childhood

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