Roy Haynes and the Fountain of Youth Band

Tonight was the first Friday night I’ve had to myself since early December.  At first, the prospect of being by myself on a Friday, without even my brother around to have adventures with, made me feel a little lonely.  Then I hastily reminded myself that there was a period of several years where I was always by myself, so get over it, woman.

Luckily, my drum teacher called me at work this morning and asked if I’d like a free ticket to see Roy Haynes, a legendary jazz drummer, play with his quartet. I’d planned a quiet evening at home, watching TV, catching up on chores, playing my violin until my neighbors burned down my apartment in retaliation.  But seeing a show sounded like a much better idea, so I said, “Hell yeah!”

The crazy thing about Roy Haynes is he’s eighty-seven-years old.  You wouldn’t know it by the way he grooved on-stage fluidly or by the strong, confident hits on the snare and toms. He even had a tap-dance routine where he moved with such ease that I knew he was putting a lot of people in the audience decades younger than him to shame.

The concert was really enjoyable. Besides Mr. Haynes, there was a pianist, a bassist, and a saxophone player.  They all did a fantastic job, but besides the drumming, I enjoyed the bass playing the most.  The bassist was really incredible.

I’m really grateful to my drum teacher for giving me a free ticket.  I was second row and had great seats.  It was a treat to watch.

Side note- there was a douche in the audience who thought that yelling “YEAH!” when the rest of the room was quiet was totally appropriate.  He kept talking back to Mr. Haynes at really weird times too.  Like Mr. Haynes said, “You’re cool,” to one of the musicians, and the douche in the audience yelled, “NO, HE’S WARM.”  I really wanted to punch him in the face.  Man, it’s a jazz concert, not a Lynyrd Skynyrd show.  Show some respect, seriously.


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