The Time We (Almost) Were in a Pantera Video

This story starts almost two years ago, when my friends and I decided to go out for a night of karaoke.

It was a hot August night in 2010, about a month before I started this blog.  My brother had stayed with me for that entire summer, and as it was winding down, we decided to go out for a night of karaoke with our friends Tap and Conrad.  The night started off innocuously enough – Tap sang a Radiohead cover, I sang some Spice Girls and Beatles.  Conrad did a hilarious punk version of “Livin’ La Vida Loca,” and Tap and I did a horribly out-of-tune rendition of “Like a Stone.”

Then Patrick and Conrad decided to duet.  This idea alone was excellent – if you don’t know Patrick and Conrad, they have a very similar energy and humor.  By “similar energy,” I mean that having them in one room is like having two supernovas together. They decided to sing Pantera’s “Fucking Hostile.”  Tap had the foresight to record the entire performance.  I’m glad he did, because what we were about to witness could not be forgotten.

That is me off on the right (back when I was a blonde), laughing my ass off.  I laughed so hard during their performance that my stomach hurt and I was crying.  Their moshing, Conrad’s Andrew W.K. kicks – it was too epic for such a small karaoke room.

The night is fondly remembered in our little inner circle, but the video was mostly forgotten until about a month ago, when Patrick wondered what he should submit for a Pantera fan contest.

Pantera is one of Patrick’s favorite bands, and Dimebag Darrell is a huge influence of his.  When he heard that Pantera was sponsoring a contest, his interest was piqued.  The video was for a final unreleased track of theirs called “Piss,” and the band wanted home footage from fans rocking out to their favorite Pantera song to include in the video.

When Patrick told me he was trying to think of a submission idea, I said, “Wait, why don’t you just submit that video of you and Conrad destroying karaoke?”

And that is what he did.  I had forgotten about his submission until last week, when I received an excited email from my brother.  Inside was a forwarded message from Rhino Records, telling my brother that they loved his clip and wanted to include it in the video for “Piss.”


The email included a release form that everyone who appeared in the karaoke video had to sign.  It was surreal signing a Rhino Records release form; I couldn’t help musing how none of us could have guessed two years ago that a silly night of karaoke might get us into a video. (And since I am visible in much of the video, you can bet that I was hoping to make it into the final cut).

The video premiered last night, and Patrick and I watched with bated breath.  I knew about halfway through the video that his clip didn’t make it.  There were too many shots of people getting punched in the face (I know that is supposed to be an homage to the Vulgar Display of Power cover art, but it seemed excessive to me).  Unless his clip made it in there subliminally and we missed it, it looks like it didn’t make the final cut.

I was disappointed, but I had already expected this; I knew from my brief experience as an extra that stuff you appear in is always likely to get cut.  I knew my brother was more disappointed, with good reason; this is one of his favorite bands, and the email he’d been sent made him think that he was going to appear in the video.

Ah, well.

At least we can tell people about the time we almost made it into a Pantera video.

6 thoughts on “The Time We (Almost) Were in a Pantera Video

  1. THAT was totally awesome! Even though I couldn’t understand a word until the end. The moshing and signing was great. Your friend had the hair thing down! And you look cute as a blonde.

    • Haha thanks for watching! My brother is notorious for just screaming words at karaoke or rock band (more punk that way, I guess, lol). And thank you! I have been missing it lately…

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