An Unexpected Day Off, Plus a Couple of Projects

I had an unexpected day off today, and so far it is superb. I’ve been out in the field Sunday and Monday.  I haven’t done this kind of work before so it is definitely putting me out of my comfort zone.  That can only be a good thing, right?  But each day I’m getting a little more used to the work.  But I can’t say I was upset when my field manager called off work because of the bad weather we’ve been getting.  And even better, the work doesn’t have to be made up later, so my schedule will still stay the same. YAY!

I woke up at 7 this morning and it was delicious.  When I was growing up, my mother was never the sort to sit down in the morning and watch TV, and I’ve found that those habits have rubbed off on me.  I worked on some reports for work, and then have been busy cleaning ever since.  This is my first break all day.

This weekend, I visited a beautiful home. It was so lovely – wooden floors, an open floor plan, and the most incredible backyard view of the Hill Country. She is an artist and her home reflected her work.  It was tidy but comfortably lived in – paint materials were compiled neatly in a corner, while art books lay across her coffee table.  I don’t have any shred of artistic talent whatsoever, but seeing her home gave me a strong desire to paint.

When I returned home to my apartment, I felt inspired by seeing such a pretty home. I found myself giving it a critical eye.  I really like my apartment, but what could I do to improve it?

Answer: the patio.  Oh God, the patio.

I don’t use my patio very much.  I really just use it for storing my trash before I drop it off at the apartment dumpster, or putting unwanted furniture on it. My parents have decided to leave the dog cage here for their visits, so that also stays parked out there. To be honest, the hornet’s nest on the light fixture really dissuades me from wanting to be outside.  But the hornet’s nest is now inactive, and it’s almost summer; even though I’m not a social creature who has very many people over, it’d still be nice to have a pretty, summery patio with flowers.  So that will be one of my summer projects.

I’ve been wanting a cat lately and now I actually want plants on my patio.  Is this what happens as you start approaching thirty?

Here is another project I am working on:

I think I mentioned on here before how I’m using excess yarn in my basket to create the fugliest blanket possible. And since I only know one crochet stitch, I think I am succeeding in that quite well.

Well, I feel like cleaning up my car.  That is going to be interesting.  I hope you all are having a great week!


4 thoughts on “An Unexpected Day Off, Plus a Couple of Projects

    • Thank you! Well, I only know how to do one crochet stitch, but that is easy :p I’ve never tried knitting. It looks like of hard!

  1. LOL. “Fugliest blanket ever.” I have plans to use my scrap yarn to make a “rug” out of granny squares. I need a book of granny squares. And I need the energy and time. Oh, and I’d like my finger to stop hurting from the crocheting I’ve done the past three days. So hard on my fingers!

    I have all these things I want to do in the apartment and, well, I never do them. I have plans to do them on my day off, something else comes up and then they never get done. Currently, I should prooooobably vacuum. It won’t happen tonight, though, or tomorrow or even this weekend probably.

    • Ohh that sounds like a cool project! I need to learn how to, you know, do more than one stitch.

      Yeah, it’s hard to do cleaning after work. I usually am very demotivated after coming home. But i like having things clean! I can’t stand having things pile up for too long or else it drives me crazy.

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