I Feel Kitschy Today

Last night, I had a dream about Liz, my old project manager.  She was the person I aimed to please the most during the first three years of my employment.  At times I succeeded; others, I failed miserably.  She left last year to work at another company.  Liz was tiny; she barely reached five feet.  But she had enough gumption, spirit, and confidence for five people.

I took my dream as a sign that I needed more gumption and spirit.  That thought cheered me today.

I bought paints yesterday at HEB.  I was shopping for necessities like the responsible damn adult that I am, and found myself wandering in the toy section.  The Crayola paints seemed very appealing, so I picked up a set, along with some paintbrushes and a sketchbook.  My aunt is a very talented painter, and after seeing so many talented artists lately, I’ve been inspired to try my hand.

Unfortunately, as I paint my insipid picture, I can’t help thinking of my grade school art teacher.  She was nothing short of psychotic, but that is besides the point.  She used to erase what I had drawn and tell me I had done it wrong.

A seventh grade math teacher compared my drawing skills to hers, which she had always derided.

My point is, I can write decently and can keep a passable rhythm, but art? Oh, no.

It is very relaxing, though.

This song provided a good soundtrack to my day:

Also, fuck this song for being so catchy:

This song is a bastardized retread of every song released since 2008 and I will probably hear it 7,895 times this summer and will likely detest it with every fiber of my being by June 23rd, but I DON’T CARE. I LIKE IT.


I will agree that the first minute of the song is fucking horrendous, though.

Oh God, I just realized she samples “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” at one point, WHY DO I EVEN LIKE THIS SONG?*

Time to go make more bad art.

*the chorus, really.

4 thoughts on “I Feel Kitschy Today

  1. many things are art. Including the fact that you “can keep a passable rhythm”. I consider that to be highly artistic. I can’t keep rhythm. Which is most of the reason my attempt at playing the guitar failed. It was many years. I bought a guitar, amp, tuner, all that stuff. Even took lessons. I learned to play a few easy intros – Metallica “One”, U2 “Where the streets have no name”, something from Tesla. (Obviously this was before Pearl Jam.)

    I can’t draw. My mother is amazing at it. I never got that. I’m mostly an abstract artist. Throw some color on a paper and call it art. Draw some lines here and there. Art. I’m sure your painting is much better than you take it to be.

    Are you relaxing to Prodigy “Breathe”? I didn’t know that was possible. I really like that song.
    There’s no way I was going to click on the link for the second song, sorry.


    • True, I just figured I’d call the traditional drawing/painting as “art.” I’m turning into an “abstract” artist too, because I can’t draw anything remotely resembling something in real life. LOL.

      Hmm, I wouldn’t give up on guitar yet. Have you tried practicing to a metronome? That would help a lot.

      It’s ok, I totally deserve to be judged for the second song. LOL!

  2. Nope. I have my judging face on. Nicki Minaj is super annoying. Haha. That said, my don’t-judge-me song is “Tonight, Tonight.” So, despite my judging face, I’m giving you a free pass.

    I got through my drawing classes with a B. I’m not sure how because I feel like I can’t draw worth shit right now. I’m always so embarrassed when I try to sketch something. I’m better following a knitting pattern anymore. I have some cheap water colors and I always think about painting, but I never actually do. Too much “adult shit” to fit into my weekend, I guess. That’s a pretty lame excuse, though.

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