In Which I Don’t Miss Being a Blonde

Except I kind of do, only when I see a blonde with awesome hair.

I’ve been a brunette (my natural color) almost a year now, and I have been loving it.  Mostly.  I like that it’s me, a feature that I’ve had since practically birth (okay, I was blond when I was born, so since I was two or so). I do like that I can go to the salon once every three or four months as opposed to every 6-8 weeks for highlights. I like that my hair no longer has the consistency of straw and is longer than it has been in years.

People still ask me about my hair color. A coworker came up to my cube last week and said, “Wait, you’re not a natural blond, are you?”  I put on my Patient Jenny Face.  I’ve had to answer this question many times, and when I’ve had the same color for nearly a year, understandably I get a little tired of answering it.  “No,” I replied, “brunette is my real hair color.”  Then he made some comment about how he thought so, since he’s been seeing me with the same color for so long!

I nodded politely.

So yes, I normally don’t miss being blond, except when I see something like this:

It’s so fresh and pretty!  If I haven’t been trying to grow my hair out for the past year and a half/trying to save money/attempting to be a responsible human being and save instead of blowing my disposable income on my hair, MY HAIR WOULD TOTALLY BE THIS COLOR.

2 thoughts on “In Which I Don’t Miss Being a Blonde

  1. Hey, did you see my blog post about the perils of being a blonde? Do you feel like you were treated differently as a blonde than a brunette?

    Emma’s hair looks amazing there! I rarely see pictures of blondes and feel desiring of their hair. Normally i get jealous looking at women with brown or red hair. Maybe it’s because I decided to grow mine out again and now I’m wishing it was that long.

    • Nah, I don’t feel like I get treated differently as a blonde. Every once in awhile, guys will still be patronizing (i.e. they think it’s cute to see a woman driving a 4wd around a construction site) but I think that would happen regardless of my hair color.

      Her hair looks soooo gorgeous. I want it.

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