In Which I Finally Listen to Lady Gaga’s “New” Album (A Year Later)

So, I’ve had a particular album on repeat lately. I don’t own it, but I’ve been playing it a lot on Spotify and the songs will not get out of my head.

The cover art, however, remains horrendous


Yes, internet, okay? I have been listening to Born This Way AND I LIKE IT.

I know I have said semi-disparaging things about Lady Gaga last year, because I was so tired of reading how Born This Way was supposed to be the album of the decade and reading Lady Gaga’s incessant tweets about whiskey and lipstick.

And it’s not that I don’t like Lady Gaga.  I’m a fan.  I went to her concert back in 2010 and I may or may not have performed “Bad Romance” multiple times at parties after, like, four vodka and sprites. But as much as I like her, I tend to run away from anything that’s overhyped; so besides listening to the singles, I did not attempt to listen to the album at all in 2011.

Then last week I was like, “You know? Maybe I should listen to Born This Way.”  And that was my downfall, because at least three of the songs from that album (“Marry the Night,” “Born This Way,” and “Scheiße”) will NOT GET OUT OF MY HEAD.

Like The Fame, I feel like this album puts the strongest songs at the beginning (except for “The Edge of Glory,” which is the last song and is a good one).  After song five or six, the quality starts diminishing.  But, still.  It’s a fun album and while it’s definitely not the album of the decade, I think I like it more than The Fame.  

And oh God, I cannot even tell you how many times I’ve listened to this song in the past week:

The first fifteen seconds left me kind of underwhelmed, especially since the “OWWW!” sounds like the faux metal scream my friend does at karaoke after downing half a six pack.    But then this song anchored itself in my brain.  I really love the bridge.  And it’s a fun song. It makes me want to dance, even after a long day.

So yes.  I like the album. You win, universe.

4 thoughts on “In Which I Finally Listen to Lady Gaga’s “New” Album (A Year Later)

    • I think the reason Fame Monster was so good is she didn’t have a ton of songs on there. How many were on there, 6 or 7? Both Fame and Born This Way have some clunkers that should have been left off in the first place.

      I love Government Hooker.

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