A Much Needed Break

Well, this crazy 7-day shift of field work is finally done.  I’ve been working on this project on and off since May. It was an interesting project.  It challenged me and put me outside of my comfort zone (driving for at least 8 hours a day; driving a 4-wheel drive pickup truck up hills).  It’s funny thinking back how, when I first starting working on the project, I was terrified at the prospect of driving up hills in the 4wd truck.  I was convinced that it would just roll over.  But it quickly became very easy and it went from being a worry to something I hardly thought about.

The report was submitted on Friday too, finally.  I tried my best to accommodate everyone’s schedule and do the best I could with it after putting in over a full day in the field every day.  Maybe it wasn’t as successful as I’d hoped, but whatever.  At least it’s done and I did my best with the circumstances.

Last week was full of interesting moments – nothing bad, but just enough frustrations to annoy a person.  Expense report issues – oh man, you guys don’t even KNOW how ridiculously Office Space-y these expense reports can get.  Making really stupid driving mistakes since I was so exhausted. Oh! And getting a speeding ticket. I got that on Friday morning.  That really topped off the week. I mean, I deserved it.  You can only go 65 mph in a 50 mph zone for so long before getting caught.

I got stopped in March in a notorious speed-trap. I don’t know how fast I was going; fast enough to get a ticket. My registration was also expired for nearly three months. But I was all dressed up, and I’m not saying that this is why I got out of the ticket(s), but I find it interesting that I was given TWO warnings.  (When does that happen?!) But this time, I was in my field clothes without makeup and looked like a 16-year-old girl emerging from gym class. I was definitely getting a ticket.

Oh well.

I took a day off since I basically would have imploded without one.  I slept until ten this morning and have been lazily lounging on the couch all morning.  I wanted to go running since I am trying to get back into decent running shape (not marathon shape), but it’s getting hot outside, y’all.  The AC is much more appealing.

I have more vacation time scheduled soon; a half day Friday, some time off next week for the 4th of July (and my birthday.  Am I really turning twenty-eight?)  I feel guilty for taking some time off, but I need it.  Also, probably everyone else is too, so why stay in the office when no one is there?

I think I will spend today learning this song. I love it:

(Don’t worry, Boyfriend, this song is not about you.) I just love the set-up of the song, the breaks in the verses.  The whole album is actually pretty good.  I’ve always been more partial to Fiona Apple than Norah Jones, but I have been liking her more lately.


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