Tuesday Morning

Apollo started barking late last night.  He did well on his first night, but I think he went through a lot on his second day (vet visits, etc) that stressed the poor guy out.  Mommy was very stressed too, since she lives in an apartment on the third floor and oh God neighbors, please don’t hate me.  After I put a t-shirt in his crate, he was a little quieter until about close to 6:45 am, when he started barking again.

I was a little bummed this morning because I felt like a terrible dog owner who can’t control her own dog, but I felt a lot better talking to my dad (who has raised two dachshunds) about it. I also read up on dog forums about how to train the dog to like the crate, so I have to work with that.  I haven’t been leaving treats or blankets because of a fear of choking, but looks like he’ll be okay if I leave something durable in there.

I just have to remember that he’s a puppy and I’ve only had him for two days. He’s not going to be a miracle puppy.  He’s trying to dominate and he has to learn what acceptable behavior is.  I have a lot of time so I can train him.  Dad said I need to expend his energy more.  So I will take him for a longer walk today at lunch and after dinner – let’s see if that will tucker the little guy out.

I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep last night, and I had a shitty dream, and I’m sad because I’m really missing someone right now, and I might have a field job in a couple of weeks that I don’t want to do but can’t say no to, and there are so many things I want right now that I am years away from.

One day at a time, Jenny. One day at a time.


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