Wednesday Afternoon

We are putting new carpets in at work, so I’m packing up my cubicle today. It’s a pain, but it allows me to get rid of papers that have accumulated over the past four and a half years.  Going through the papers and recycling them is making me a little nostalgic.  There are a lot of files associated with the waterline project.  I remember when it seemed like I’d be on that project forever, and now it’s been over for nearly a year.  I miss it.

I preface this paragraph by stating that I do not want to be one of those people who always talks about her dog.  I remember when my friend Tap adopted a cat, he would not stop talking about what Bert did today.  I remember thinking, “COOL STORY BUT I DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR CAT.”  But now, I totally understand. I’m sorry, Tap.  My conversations with loved ones have consisted mainly of what Apollo Did Today or Apollo’s Progress or Apollo Still Isn’t House-Broken What Am I Doing Wrong?  I’m surprised they still answer my texts and phone calls.

So I will try my best to refrain from talking too much about my puppy but I have to say several things: 1.  He slept all night last night, which was awesome and 2. he is learning how to fetch.

I better get back to packing up my cube. Is it Friday yet?

edit: I found the iPod that’s been missing since March on my bottom shelf. How the heck did it get there?! At least this repacking has been useful.


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