Positivity for a Monday

I was thinking this morning that my attitude for a Monday has improved drastically.  It helped that I had so much sleep over the weekend; while at times I felt frustrated about the week’s upcoming activities, I generally feel pretty happy. One of my old Vox friends (hi, Jo!) does her blog entries in a plus/minus system, and I really like that format.  Here’s why Monday is shaping out to be a good day, despite the “negatives.”  (I know my “negatives” are just first-world problems, but bear with me here).

-It’s Monday
-Apollo pooped in his cage after being in the car for two seconds, so I had to pull over and clean it
-My schedule this week, both work and personal
-I’ve been fighting off some sort of cold; chest congestion, coughing.  I feel generally okay, just tired sometimes.
-Performance review time (HOW? WHY? NOOOOOOOOOO)

+Delicious mobile food trailer food for lunch (tacos, sweet potato fries!)
+Wearing new clothes from Target that I bought with birthday money
+Feeling happy about getting this week over with
+Apollo is learning how to sit and wait when I throw one of his toys
+Being fairly productive this weekend but having enough downtime, including taking two naps a day! It was awesome! I feel completely refreshed after last week’s craziness
+I have a lot to do at work this week, and busy Jenny = happy Jenny
+The University of Reddit offerings, which sound intriguing
+Listening to the Atheist Experience at work; while I am not an atheist, the show is interesting and I’m learning a lot from it

The positives certainly outweigh the “negatives” today!



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