Iconic Movie Ignorance – Dirty Dancing

I am currently watching Dirty Dancing.

For the first time.

Don’t be surprised; there are so many movies I haven’t seen yet, mainly because A. I’m not a big movie person and B. I don’t really care.  I used to blog about the movies I hadn’t seen back in my old Vox blog, but then I just gave up.

Yes, I was alive when this movie came out, but I was pretty small. I was three.  The only viewing experience I had of this movie can be described succinctly – all I remember is walking in on a scene of people dancing and hearing my my dad saying, “Jennifer, go play.  You can’t watch this.”  I had to make do with the soundtrack, which my parents played many times.  Hearing those songs to this day makes me nostalgic.

As I watch this movie now, I can kind of understand why I wasn’t allowed to watch it; I mean, there are some pretty up-close and personal dancing scenes, a plot about abortion, and (the tamest) sex scenes (ever).  I guess this would all be very inappropriate for a toddler.  Even though the abortion plot would have gone straight over my head and they could have covered my eyes during all the kissing GEEZ.

What I’m saying is I’m still bitter that I wasn’t allowed to watch this movie.

So far it’s a decent movie, but I can’t help laughing at how 80’s it all is, a magical time when all movies had a Theme Song.  I know it’s supposed to take place in the 60’s, but if you compare the costumes and makeup from something like, Mad Men, to this, the costumes and makeup in this film come off as kind of lazy.  I’m not supposed to be watching a movie set in the 60s and getting nostalgic about how my mother used to wear her hair and makeup back in the 80s.  Would Jennifer Grey really been able to pull off that 80s perm in 1963? I’m just saying.

Regardless, it’s still a good movie so far.  I was never into Patrick Swayze, mainly because he was so much older than me, but after watching this movie, I get it.

And they just got to the “Nobody puts Baby in a corner” scene.  Awwww yeah!

Time for some nostalgia/80s cheese:


This song is so 80s.  ANACHRONISM, PRODUCERS.

Ok, I seriously need to watch this.


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