One of the search terms that led to my blog this morning is, “I’d like to get my truck stuck in the mud for fun.”

Take it from me, as it’s happened to me several times – NO YOU DO NOT.

What a blah morning.  It was one of those mornings where I woke up finding fault with myself, and then having my fears all confirmed within several hours.  Those are the best sort of mornings! Not really. I really need the weekend to be here.  And I really would like to skip my performance review tomorrow.  Can I get that, please?



My dad teased me yesterday for the fact that Apollo isn’t housebroken yet.  It was not done with malice, but it still hurt since it’s a sore subject with me.  I’m trying my best with him, especially being up on a third floor apartment.  I’m all by myself with him during the week and I’m working hard to ensure that he is a well-trained puppy.  It’s so much easier to housebreak a dog if you have a yard.  I know I shouldn’t expect validation but it would be nice to hear sometimes.

I just feel defeated today. I really need to get back to work.


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