Weekend Retrospective

-I had a good, very constructive performance review.

-I did not attend my high school reunion. It was a decision I grappled with but ultimately decided that, based off the feedback in the Facebook group, the only people attending would be the popular crowd I never associated with.  Pictures I saw of the event seem like it was sparsely attended, and my inside source confirms that it was indeed rather lame. I’m glad I didn’t fork over the money and attend.  I realized that the only reason to show up to the reunion would be to show everyone, “Hey! I’m not an introverted nerd anymore!” But…I am an introverted nerd. I spent my Saturday night on the couch with a book and the TV on. And you know what? I was quite happy with that.  The only real difference between me now and me then is I actually put effort into my outfits, and I kind of know how to put makeup on.

-I had a Nutella milkshake this weekend. Italians are genetically wired to be obsessed with Nutella.  It was enormously tasty…but so rich that I couldn’t finish it.

-I bought a really great creative writing book. I can’t wait to get it started.

-I did some shopping (I have decided that Emma Stone is perfection and I must emulate her style as much as possible). I was waiting outside a dressing room when I spied a couple going into an adjacent dressing room.  I then proceeded to hear a series of photos being snapped. Uhhh…do I want to know what they were taking pictures of? No.

-I’m pretty sure I saw a drug deal going down this weekend. And it’s not like I even SEEK OUT THESE THINGS.  I was just downtown, walking, minding my own business, when I saw a shady looking car parked at a stop sign.  A man was walking away from the car.  “Why is he holding so much money?” my brain naively asked.  It took awhile for the answer to sink in.

-Some douche in a Prius nearly hit me this morning. I was on a highway and passing a construction zone, so the two lanes were merging into one lane.  He was behind me but was trying to speed up in front of me (I was in the correct lane).  He was right beside me as the lanes were merging.  I tried not to freak out and drove on the non-existent shoulder as much as I could. I didn’t even want to look. I thought that a crash was inevitable.  Thankfully, he slowed down, while my heart went 300 mph.  As he passed me later, I gave him a patented Jenny Nasty Look. I hope he gets stuck in traffic for three hours with a full bladder.

-I had a really good reflective period this weekend.

But most importantly, out of all these things…

Boyfriend found out that I can hold my own in Halo.



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