The First Weekend of Fall

How is it fall already? It’s one of my favorite seasons. I basically love all seasons except for winter.

This weekend flew by.  I went to sleep fairly early on Saturday night and Sunday night. On Saturday night, I think I was knocked out before ten.  Question – when did I become such an old lady? I think the answer is I always have been an old lady, deep down inside. I’m just embracing it now.

Thank you to everyone who left kind messages about Apollo. He’s doing great!  I was so worried on Friday that I ended up calling the Petsmart pet hospital twice (the second time after a coworker told me about the time his parents’ cat didn’t wake up from anesthesia after being spayed, which was JUST WHAT I WANTED TO HEAR).  After the longest afternoon ever, I went to pick up my pup.  I felt such elation when the nurse walked out holding him.  He looked confused, a little sleepy, and ridiculously adorable while wearing his E-collar.  He was sad when I was driving him home, but he perked right up when I brought him into my apartment.  The take-home pamphlet said that he would likely be sleepy – not my pup.  He played all evening with the new koala toy and bone that I’d bought as a “welcome home” treat for him. He’s back to his old stubborn, curious self, though he’s noticeably calmer and slightly more attentive.  I call it meth puppy-lite.

Fall always puts me in a nesting mood. I really want to try some crafty projects.  I’m in a baking mood, too. I made gingerbread and banana pancakes on Saturday morning with a mix I’d bought from a yummy cafe here in town.  On Friday night, I made my first banana bread from scratch. It tasted pretty good, if I do say so myself.  I want to focus on making breads.  Breads are fun to make and relatively easy, too.  I love baking cookies, but they can be a lot of work.  There is a jalapeno cheese bread that I got from HEB yesterday that tasted AMAZING, so maybe that is something I can try next.

I’m also really missing my Mandy.  For the past two years, I’ve flown to see her in Philly.  I love Texas, but there’s nothing like the East Coast in the fall.  I miss my family, I miss Philly, and I want to go to New York again so badly.  I was really fortunate to have been able to go to NYC the past two years.  I probably will not go this year (pup has been quite a bit of money), but I find myself feeling nostalgic for Mandy and our big-city adventures so much.

I was slated to see some shows this month, but plans were changed. I was supposed to see Fiona Apple on Thursday night, but she got herself arrested. It’s ok; I wasn’t too upset because I was able to spend time with a friend instead. I look forward to the rescheduled show.  I was supposed to see the Chili Peppers this Saturday, but my parents don’t want to go.  It’s too much driving for me to do by myself in one day, and I’d rather spend time with family instead.  I’m seeing them at ACL anyway, so it’s not a big deal if I miss this show.

Plus, it gives Anthony more time to shave his porn stache.


4 thoughts on “The First Weekend of Fall

  1. Fall is, by far, my favorite time of year. It’s better suited for my introspective, slow-paced self.

    I’m so glad Apollo is fine. 🙂 Since I’ve now scheduled my colonoscopy, the whole “not waking up from anesthesia” thing is sort of my biggest fear. I’ve been put under when I was 7, but the idea that some people/animals don’t wake up didn’t occur to me then.

    Why would your coworker tell you about their cat the day your puppy is under the knife??? So uncool!

    Fiona Apple got arrested? For what? Was it a DUI? DUIs are all the rage.

    • I agree! It always makes me feel introspective without feeling too depressed (hello, winter).

      Did your colonoscopy happen yet? Sorry if I’ve missed it on twitter. I understand the fear but I think it happens to very very few people. I hope it will be okay!

      She got arrested for marijuana possession.

      • My colonoscopy is happening at the end of November. A week after Thanksgiving, actually. Woohoo!

        Hmmmm, I could see that happening. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Fiona Apple, but if I recall she always had that sleepy, stoner sort of look to her…

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