This Is Why I Hate Reddit Sometimes

There are so many obnoxious, self-righteous people in that community.  For example, if you’re from Texas and actually defend the state you live in, be prepared for downvotes and stupid comments.

Yes, there are stupid politicians in this state.  Yes, I’m saddened and embarrassed by the textbook controversy going on right now.

Does that make me less proud of being a Texan?

No.  But God forbid I actually LIKE my state and indicate my support in comments on Reddit.

Someone responded to me with, “The problem is there are a lot of stupid, idiotic people there making important decisions in your state.”



I was about to respond with “Paul Broun” for starters, but he already deleted his comment.

And I can’t even tell you how many search terms like “Are Texans stupid?” or “Texans are stupid” lead to my blog.

So to those assholes, I tell you – stop judging an entire state based off its politicians.


Furthermore, stop judging a state just because the some of its populace may not hold the same religious or political beliefs that you do.

Do you have to agree with these views? Of course not.  I went to college in a highly conservative town and quickly found that my views were not in line with the general populace.

Does this mean that I’m going to say, “Yay, Texans are stupid!!!” based off of a sample size I don’t agree with? No.

To judge an ENTIRE STATE OF PEOPLE like that makes you incredibly ignorant, especially when stupid people populate every single state, nay – every country in the world.

And if you still think this entire state is stupid, then fuck you.

2 thoughts on “This Is Why I Hate Reddit Sometimes

  1. OF COURSE there are stupid people making important decisions for entire states. Sadly, many times, we elect them. Like, I really hate our governor right now. I think he is crooked and out of touch. Of course, I also did not vote for him, but I’m stuck with him. This means I think people who voted for him are stupid… not all Pennsylvanians. Lol.

    Let me tell you a story about my neck of the woods… as a Northerner:

    There is a woman who owns a van. I drive by it *every day* going to work. On this van, she has a computer print out of why Obama isn’t an American and therefore cannot be our president — despite the fact that he was elected and has a Hawaiian birth certificate. She has had this sheet of paper on her vehicle since he was elected. I have driven past this nonsense for 4 years. As much as I’d like to walk up to her van and take it off, she has every right to express her “opinion” and she’d probably charge me with theft or something.

    My point is… stupid is not a southern or Texan thing — it’s an ignorance thing. And that shit is everywhere!

    • Oh my gosh, that seems like a lot of effort for that woman to print that to her window. I wish others would realize that yeah, the crazy isn’t just limited to one place! They’re everywhere!

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