Three Things: The Music Edition

There are three things exciting me lately about music.

1. Thom Yorke and Flea are teaming together to record an album together under the moniker Atoms for Peace.  They will also be joined by Radiohead’s drummer, so it’s essentially a supergroup.

This is muy exciting.

2. I go through phases where I love listening to Alt Nation and when I think all the songs on there suck. Right now, I’m in the phase where I’m enjoying the songs.  I really love this one:

The refrain is so pretty and bittersweet.

3.  I saved the best for last and I’m about to nerd out big-time here and potentially embarrass myself but I don’t care, because




I found this out on Election Night and it was almost more exciting than the news that Obama was winning.

Foo Fighters went on hiatus and that bummed me out a bit since they haven’t hit Texas yet as part of their tour. But they’ve been touring for awhile and I’m sure they needed a break.  I’m just really glad I was able to see them in Philly last year (the concert was on November 10, 2011…so literally, it’s been almost a year. Wow).  I was really hoping that Dave would get back in the studio with Them Crooked Vultures, so I was pretty surprised to hear that he was re-teaming with QotSA.  Not that I’m complaining or anything, because the album he did with them is awesome.

I’m going to try very hard not to sound like such a fan girl, but GUYS, Dave Grohl is the reason why I started playing drums in the first place, and I’ve been really hoping I’d have another chance to see him drum in concert.  And now it looks like I have that chance.  The album should be out next year, and I’m sure there will be tour dates associated with the release of the album, which means I get to watch him drum, which means

::fangirl explosion::

On a related note, Michael is having me learn “No One Knows,” a song I’ve been wanting to learn for a long time.  It’s pretty easy and straightforward until it gets to the chorus.

I’m going to be working on this one for awhile, is all I’m saying.


3 thoughts on “Three Things: The Music Edition

  1. Alt Nation, why haven’t I heard their music before? 🙂 Iike it 🙂 Usually I listen to Spotify and then you get kind of absorbed by the music you usually listen to. They should update with some kind of “you should listen to this” -function..

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