Treasure Hunting Puppy

This week, I was going through the myriad of photos and videos on my phone that I have of Apollo. I found this one from August, when Apollo was just about four months old.

Apollo really likes digging. I know this is not unusual for a dog.  But he also enjoys burying edible treats.  He won’t go through the trouble of burying a plastic bone, but if the bone is large and edible (like a Milkbone), he’ll stuff it into his bed and then move his snout in a burying motion, as if he’s covering the treat with imaginary dirt.

I had given Apollo a bone as a treat and was quite entertained by the trouble he took to find a hiding place in my apartment for it.  When I was growing up, the family dogs had never done this, so it was a treat for me to witness.

Apollo hides his bone


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