I feel like it’d be remiss to do an update and not post about the massacre in Connecticut.  I don’t feel like getting into my thoughts about gun control or how mental health treatment is too often stigmatized or how the 24-hour news cycle glorifies these horrendous mass murderers.  I just really feel for those little babies who didn’t even have the chance to start their lives, for those incredibly brave teachers and administrators who sacrificed their lives to save their precious students.  Both my parents work in the educational field and it’s hard for it not to hit home.  I can’t even imagine how they felt, as both parents and educators, to hear this sad news.

And then, on the same day, 22 children were stabbed in China?  Thank goodness none of those children died.  But I just cannot comprehend how sick and twisted someone must be to take out the depths of their agony on innocent children.

It’s easy to view this world as a dark, scary place after something as awful as these events happen.  I can be a pessimistic and cynical person at times despite my best efforts, and events like these can confirm the bias I hold at times.  But all we have to do is take a deep breath and realize that, despite the horror, there is still beauty in life.  That there are people as brave and selfless as these teachers and administrators to give their lives for the children; that there is still love and hope; that you can come home and hug a warm little puppy and feel renewed.

There will be time for dialogue about gun control and mental health screening, as well there should.  But for now, let’s just stop and honor the victims, and to send good wishes to their families as they tread through an extraordinarily difficult set of circumstances.


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