I am SO TIRED of seeing memes and comments on Facebook trying to link a lack of religious faith to the shootings.

First, everyone needs to stop pushing their own religious agendas in the wake of a tragedy.  Religion or lack of one had NOTHING TO DO with this crime.  We need to blame the shooter for what happened, not the fact that “religion isn’t allowed in school.”  Guess what?  Students ARE allowed to pray in schools, and they ARE allowed to join religious-themed extracurricular clubs. I remember Bible Clubs in the schools I attended.  What isn’t allowed are government-sanctioned religious activities or prayers.  So don’t tell me that this horrible tragedy happened because of “God wasn’t allowed in schools.”

I was going to keep quiet about how I felt about this issue, but I don’t think I can take another meme saying that if I don’t believe in God, I sure will when there’s a gun pointed at my face.  Please.  These memes are ridiculous and disrespectful to the victims.  Let’s try to put our religious and political differences aside and just focus on actually achieving some positive change, shall we?


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