A Christmas Vacation Update

For some reason tonight, I’ve decided to buy a pastels kit at Half Price Books.  So that’s happening here in a couple of minutes.

I’ve been in such a Led Zeppelin mood lately.


I’ve been learning “Heartbreaker” and “When the Levee Breaks” at lessons, and that’s given me a newfound appreciation of John Bonham.  I’ve been really thinking hard the past several weeks about music.  I played at a friend’s party last week with mixed results (i.e. the songs we practiced sounded really good, and the songs we didn’t practiced sucked).  But playing at that party really made me want to be a better musician.  Not like I think my drumming was terrible; it wasn’t.  But I find myself at a place where I could be a better drummer, and I’m not, and I want to be serious about it.
I have more plans about that but I’ll talk about it later.

But for now…yes.  Led Zeppelin.  I watched the Celebration Day concert today and it was terrific.  I still can’t believe I’ve seen both Robert Plant and John Paul Jones in concert.


Led Zeppelin is awesome.

I’m about to try out pastels?

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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