The Stuff of Reality…or NIGHTMARES

This post is about roaches.

Last night, I was lying in bed when I woke up and looked at my ceiling.  To my horror, I watched a large roach crawl across the illuminated part of my ceiling and disappear into darkness.

I lay in bed for several moments after that, unable to fall back asleep. Why did I have a roach?  I pride myself on keeping a home where roaches are not welcome. I had just vacuumed and mopped the day before, and before going to sleep, I’d sprayed down my kitchen counters with Windex, as usual.  WHY WAS THERE A ROACH IN MY ROOM? WHY?

Unable to fall back asleep, I woke up and checked the time. 2:30.  I turned on the lights, but in the most cowardly way possible – I started with the kitchen and then the bathroom, finally turning on my bedroom lights.  I gazed around my room with my eyes narrowed, waiting to see any glimpse of a roach scurrying away, or, even worse, flying (gulp). 

I didn’t see anything, except for Apollo’s confused face.

After looking around my room for several more minutes, I decided that either there had never been a roach and I had been dreaming, or it had disappeared before I turned on my bedroom lights.  I looked at the ceiling again as I slowly fell back asleep.  It was so dark and there was just a thin strip of light splayed across it – surely it couldn’t have been big enough to see a roach. I must have been dreaming.  Comforted with this thought, I fell asleep.

When I woke again a little while later and looked at my ceiling, it was more illuminated.  If there had been a roach, it would have been easy to see it run across the ceiling.

So I have no idea whether or not I actually saw a roach or I was just dreaming.  Do roaches run across ceilings?  Is that physically possible?  I do know one thing – ROACHES ARE NOT WELCOME HERE.

3 thoughts on “The Stuff of Reality…or NIGHTMARES

  1. Definitely yes, walls and ceilings. Sorry. When my kids were little I used to tell them that cockroaches couldn’t crawl over carpet so they’d go to sleep and they were furious when they got older and found out I was lying. Lol, nothing worse than knowing there’s one in your bedroom – there’s no sleep after that.

  2. Whaaa! I’m so glad we don’t have roaches here.. at least I don’t hope so. I used to play The Sims when I was younger and in the game I always had to call the “pest control man”. My parents’ cat loves bugs, haha! I don’t love that he loves them lol!

  3. Unfortunately they do crawl upside down, on ceilings. They have GOT to be the nastiest bug, ever. Bucket list item when I die: ask God what their purpose is.

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