Success Kid

Today, one of the new employees dropped off a detail check he had completed for me and started asking me (lots) questions about the site we’re working on. “Why do we measure oxidation reduction potential?” he asked.  “It is because of the contamination out there?”

I hate being asked technical questions on the spot, but I slowed my brain down and said, “Well, to my understanding, it’s more of a function of the site geochemistry and tells us whether or not we need to add an oxidant or reductant to clean the site up.”  He nodded, looking impressed, and said, “So it’s based more on the site geochemistry than the contaminants?”  “Yes,” I responded though my brain started guessing itself.  What if it IS a function of the contamination?

So I asked my trusty friend Andres, who works in the same field as I do.  “You’re correct,” he said.  “It can also be a function of the contamination as well, but not so much with organic contaminants.”

“The only constituents at this site are organics!” I replied. “YES!”

For someone constantly second-guessing herself and her technical knowledge, it’s nice to be right sometimes.


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