Nostalgia Bomb – Kumbia Kings, “Azucar”

Several weeks ago, I attended a beautiful wedding (congratulations, James and Leslie!) I like South Texas weddings.  There are always constants you can look forward to, no matter how many you attend.  For instance, there’s going to be wedding floor dancing to a mix of pop, country, and Tejano.  You can look forward to munching on some Mexican Wedding cookies.  A mariachi band is sure to make an appearance at some point after the wedding.  And fajitas WILL be on the menu, whether it’s at the rehearsal dinner or the actual wedding.

This wedding I attended was lovely on all accounts and did not disappoint with the South Texas traditions.  As I was leaving the dance floor to take a break, I heard a Tejano song that sounded very, very familiar that instantly took me back to high school.

Kumbia Kings, “Azucar”

Now, I’m gonna be honest.  I don’t listen to Tejano.  But hearing it instantly brings me back home to my backyard growing up.  Our next door neighbor Nas (who painted his house purple) blasted Tejano every weekend, drinking Tecate and barbequing.  I started growing fond of the songs and became familiar with them, like “Azucar.”

You guys may not know who the Kumbia Kings were, but if you grew up in South Texas, you did, even if you were a total white girl like me.  Selena’s brother was in the Kumbia Kings, so that fact right there sealed their popularity.  Selena was a BIG DEAL where I grew up. (Fun fact – it’s almost like a rite of passage in my town to visit her grave. I’m just saying. We’ve all done it).

And since we’re heading down memory lane, STORY TIME!  I was almost in a Kumbia Kings video, right around the time this song came out.  It was going to be filmed at our high school gym during Christmas break. I was so excited but my mother, in a fit of protectiveness, decided that I couldn’t because she didn’t think there would be any adult supervision. I was bitter about that for quite awhile, because for some reason unknown to mankind, I was certain my big break would be from that video (cut me a break, I was sixteen).

I later saw the video on TV; my high school principal and several of the administrators were in the closing scene.  But the extras’ parts involved sitting in a stand for a crowd scene, so chances of my being seen would have been nil anyway.  IT’S OKAY, MOM, I’M NOT MAD ABOUT IT ANYMORE.

All these memories – sitting out in my backyard and smelling barbeque, thinking that Hollywood would care about my being an extra in a crowded gym for a Tejano music video – came flooding back to me when I heard “Azucar” playing on the dance floor.

And that is why I love South Texas weddings.

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