I Apparently Enjoy Finding Novel Ways of Injuring Myself

Yesterday I was putting together a treat for my dog.  He has this rubber ball with a plastic water bottle in the middle that he loves.  I’ll add treats to the middle of it, often when I’m about to eat dinner.  It’ll keep him occupied for at least 30 minutes.

As I was bending down to hand him the toy, I smacked my forehead up against the corner of my (metal) chair.  I don’t know why I didn’t see the chair in the first place, but, you know.  I guess that’s a moot point now.

As I retold the story later, the general reaction was, “Oh my God! That must have really hurt!” To be honest, it didn’t hurt.  It was just intense pressure;  I’d hit my head pretty hard as a preteen, and I remember the same kind of pressure in the initial aftermath. This pressure was coupled with disorientation and a general, “OH SHIT did I hurt myself badly?” feeling. 

After it happened, I remembered clutching my forehead and walking around in my living room to shake off what had happened.  Within 15 to 30 seconds, I started feeling mostly normal, though fuzzy.  In the midst of my initial haze, I managed to turn the stove and oven off, so plus one for me.  I’m responsible, even when I’m threatening to give myself a concussion.

I was afraid I’d need stitches, especially since I was bleeding, and starting mentally preparing to drive myself to the emergency room.  But when I looked at my injury in the mirror, I was relieved to see that the wound was more superficial than I’d initially anticipated.  There’s a lovely cut there, and there’s still a bump on my forehead today, but I am very relieved that it wasn’t more serious (especially since I live by myself – I can’t really afford to be knocking myself unconscious.)

Here’s to finding more inventive and creative ways at injuring myself.


2 thoughts on “I Apparently Enjoy Finding Novel Ways of Injuring Myself

  1. Hi Jenny! I hope that your head is ok! I just wandered in while surfing around, and I wanted to say,”Hey! Hilthethrill was here!” Ok, that’s enough exclamation points. See ya around.

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