I Don’t Know Who the “Girl In the Mask Is”

In December, I let “jennyquixotic.com” expire. I was not updating this site anymore and it just seemed appropriate.

Today, someone let me know that typing in “jennyquixotic.com” was taking them to a site called “Girl Behind the Mask.”

That person is not me.  It appears that she has taken the domain name. I let it expire and so it is her right to do so.  But it is very frustrating that before, when my blog name “jennyquixotic” was typed into google, just my posts would come up.  Now it’s someone’s page and I do not want to be associated with that at all.  It’s a good lesson about the internet – nothing is ever yours and if you don’t hold on to something, it’s gone.

Point is, I am not “Girl Behind the Mask” and so if you see posts relating to that person in your feed, it is not me.  My blog is now registered as “thejennyquixotic.com.” The name was mine first, and it is clearly documented on the internet that it is.  Maybe I’ll update this site again, maybe I won’t.  But there are too many years of memories on this page to be redirected to someone else’s site.

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