About Jenny

I’m a 20-something Texan girl finding her way through life. I’m older than I look, so don’t call me cute.  I live for my family, my boyfriend, our puppy, my friends, running, music, writing, and daydreaming.

I love finding little adventures in the mundane. I mainly blog about my misadventures, music, running, Dave Grohl, and my occasional travels.

Best shows I have seen yet: Foo Fighters, Roger Waters, Robert Plant, and AC/DC, in that order.

P.S. This is not my bird.  Since it was its owner’s birthday when this picture was taken, I did not commit birdnapping.  Did it cross my mind? YES.

P.P.S. My header photo is of me on the Brooklyn Bridge.  I’ve been to NYC twice and I fell in love with it the minute I was within its limits. I am such a cliche.

P.P.P.S.  “jennyquixotic.com” used to be my site.  I let the domain name expire on 12/31/13 and as of 2/23/14, it has already been snapped up by someone else. It’s a lesson in the internet.  Just know that I was here first 😉

© 2014 Jennifer S. All rights reserved.

14 thoughts on “About Jenny

    • Foo Fighters set the bar among the shows I have seen. Seeing Robert Plant was incredible…I never thought I’d be able to hear Led Zeppelin songs live in my lifetime!

  1. Jenny- I just made my blog private so people would not have to use a password. I have had success adding everyone but about five people for some unknown reason. It will not add either of your blogs. Do you know why???? I don’t want to miss you posts or visa/versa. I am working on this. I did not want you to think you were blocked. Just don’t know how to fix this??????

    • Hi Freedom! I got an invite to see your blog and am able to see it. Now I just have to dig up your password. Thank you so much! You also should still be on the list for my private blog, let me know if you are having problems with getting to it.

  2. You should not need a password anymore. I made my blog private but it will not let me add either of your blogs. There are 5 that wordpress says, “cannot be found.” I am so frustrated!

  3. nice writing style! – creative & conversational! I stumbled upon your blog from a google search on a particular subject about kids & the danger they get into. Knowing a number of awesome 30-something women just a few years beyond you, I’d like to offer some hind-sight perspective: be intentional about the direction of the relationship with your boyfriend; don’t waste years with a guy who is not serious about moving towards marriage with you – because no one likes to get caught in an accidental lifetime commitment – a long-term awkward situation. You’re in your prime to find an intentionally committed life adventure mate!

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